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La Fete - New Orleans 2019 Expo

So every year body painters from around the world get ready to attend La Fete, one of the biggest body painting expos in the United States. I say attend, which mean they may be painting, or just taking it all in. I couldn't believe what I was hearing when I was asked to HOST A CLASS at this amazing expo. Okay, I was reading an e-mail, so I couldn't believe my eyes. Is this for real?

What will I be teaching?

Although I do love handpainting, my true passion and skill that is not so common would definitely be using an airbrush. La Fete asked that I demo an airbrush class to help those artists out that could benefit from this incredible tool, not only showing them how much faster it is, but how it effects the details in every piece.

I'll be updating with pictures and stories soon! Look for it to come. What do you guys think, should I demo a paint like something below?

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