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Thursday Morning Studio Time

Did I say morning? Actually, my collaboration with Peter and Jen Jensen was an all day event! Every body painter knows how difficult camouflage shoots can be. You have to get every line and every detail just perfect, and have to step back often to see how things are looking from a 2-d perspective. This is the most difficult part about making a model disappear into the background... oh... and color matching... oh... and the model getting extremely tired sometimes after being in the same position for too long. How do you think we did?

Emily Renee doing an incredible job holding her pose


Make sure to set up your camera so you can check in and see how everything is transferring to the image! A lot of times the color and angles you see in person show up differently on film.

What was the first camouflage painting ever done?

The first camouflage body painting took place in 2001 and was painted by Francois Demont in Paris, France. The first to try something so bold, he shocked everyone in the art world when he had his model move and wave to onlookers!

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